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Allow importation of movie files

Scooter , 21.05.2011, 07:12
Idea status: under consideration


Bindy Bains, 21.05.2011, 07:57
Are you kidding, why do people post such requests that are impossible. These are animated GIFs, go and check out the colour bit and file size of a GIF. Even if you did a small movie that lasts 3 seconds, it would be UGLY.
Scooter, 21.05.2011, 16:55
Your definition of "impossible" doesn't match mine.
Keekwai, 21.05.2011, 09:17
They're already "Animated" duh!
GeeK, 21.05.2011, 10:30
Questions that come to mind are: a video of what would you want to import, and in which way would you want to animate an already animated video or add animated objects to a video? The product definitely isn't a CGI graphics system for motion picture. And even simply adding moving butterflies to a 30fps video would require the product to render each individual frame with the inclusion of whatever animated objects you added to it.

Imagine... currently you have a static image that you are modifying with animation. The program must render the pixels in the frame that change from the previous frame (which is a fair amount of work for a basic image rendering program). Now imagine 10 seconds of 30fps video of a field of swaying flowers as a part or background for the butterfly animation. That would require the program to render not just the changes in a single static image, but rather 300 full frames(images) at the resolution you are working in, for just 10 secs of animation. In essence you'd be re-animating an animation.

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